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Exhibition: Pretexts: A Prospective
Artist: Marius David
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art (hall nr. 1)
Duration: 2.02.2022-28.02.2022
Curator: dr. Alexandru Sonoc
Opening: Wednesday, Februar 2, 2022, 14.00
Text: At the age of retrospectives, the painter Marius David proposes by this exhibition a new approach, of prospective nature, to small, simple things, which may sometimes find their place in still lifes, such as those which consecrated him. It is the result of experiments that start from the compositional structures he favoured in his previous creations and from the feelings they gave him, but also from an event, on which the painter reflected for a long time: the contemplation of the result of his attempt to destroy an unfinished, since long time abandoned work. This inspired him, revealing him other levels of understanding the reality. In his new works there are no longer objects per se. Often, they have also an own dynamics, being represented in positions that otherwise would rarely correspond to the normal state of static equilibrium. Hardly recognizable objects become shapes, which allow various interpretations of their original nature and their symbolic significance, inducing thus uncertainty about reality. Gradually, the reality changes into an illusion, because the forms, reinterpreted, seem to be temporary and to become sources of energy, suggested by vibrating colours and by transparencies that make the notions of light and shadow uncertain, relativizing thus the optical perceptions of size, shape and colour and converting them into energetic and thermal sensations. These sensations are, in fact, feelings, reactions, moods of the most diverse nature. Gradually deepening, the viewer's reflection takes him away from reality, as he distills and relativizes it, and the sensations, the feelings, the reactions arising thus become the messengers of ideas and even ideas. It is, therefore, another type of communication, spiritual, directly through ideas, as pure energies: they are those that arise from their own reactions to those resulting from the artist's reactions.

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