5 places in Sibiu to soothe your sweet tooth

5 places in Sibiu to soothe your sweet tooth

Turtha Sweet & Savoury

Turtha is a place that will make you feel you're in your mama's kitchen. This is only true if your mom was into shabby chic interiors and made the best carrot-cake in the neighbourhood :). We're sure you will love it, not only because it looks so sweet and cosy, but also because their cakes and sweets are made with natural, healthy ingredients. If we were to recommend something good for you to try we would have to copy-paste their entire menu, but if you really need a hint, here it is: go for the chestnuts cake, Oreo or the fabulous cheesecake!

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Mândra has long been one of the local people's favourite places for ordering cakes and other types of sweets. So we were not at all surprised to see that their new coffee-shop & confectionary from the Mall got crowded soon after it opened. You'll find here most of the classic types of cakes, from which we recommend you try the Doboș cake, Black Forrest, and the mascarpone specials!

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Did you know that the éclair is the new macaron? :) And that not since long a new place opened up in Sibiu, where you can try fluffy and flavoured éclairs, made after the original french recipe? They're not only awfully pretty and very much picture-material, but also come in a wide range of lovable flavours: from salted caramel to pistachios, strawberries, orange flowers, basil and lime, chestnuts, coffee, lemon but also the old-time classics chocolate and vanilla.

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Halfway around Bălcescu street you'll find the Donuterie. It is a fun and coloured place, with equally coloured donuts and great coffee. The donuts come in many sizes and flavours, simple or filled, and if it happens that you come across the apple or the cheesecake variety make sure you don't miss them - they're hard to find!

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Any stroll on Bălcescu street comes with at least 10 different occasions of having an ice-cream. We suggest you try the one at Culinarte first - it is located right near the Carrefour Market. When we say they have lots and lots of flavours we don't exaggerate at all - you'll need some time to decide on only one or two. Inside you'll find equally many cake varieties, in small portions so you can try as many as you like. We recommend you try the lavender ice-cream first!

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