19. Mitropoliei Street – The Ecumenical Street of Sibiu

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Strada Mitropoliei, Sibiu, Romania


Continue your walk on Mitropoliei Street, known in the past as the "Butchers’ Alley". Following the Great European Ecumenical Assembly held in Sibiu in 2007, it was symbolically named "The Sibian Ecumenical Street ". On a closer look, you will understand that it deserves this title, due to the churches of different denominations built here.
You will pass the Reformed-Calvin Church, whose multicolored tower rises to the sky since the 18th century. After walking about half the street length, you will notice the imposing Orthodox Metropolitan "Holy Trinity" Cathedral. Beyond it, you can see the stylish tower of "St. John" Evangelical Church. Until you reach it, follow the details of the facades, such as the coat of arms of the Tailors' Guild from 1574, visible on the building across the corner from the History Museum. Have you figured the object represented in the coat of arms?
Just after the Reformed-Calvin Church, a gangway opens under the house of the Reformed parish, connecting Mitropoliei Street with Nicolae Bălcescu pedestrian Street.
Nearby, two Cariatides support the balcony of the "Little Palace". The most famous goldsmith of Sibiu, Sebastian Hann, lived in a house on the site of the present building. Countess Rahel, the widow of Lieutenant Collonel Count Gregorius Bethlen, modified the "Little Palace" in the eighteenth century.
A few steps ahead, on the right side of the road, you will see the Central Post Office. Look for the decorative elements of the facade! The solar clock still shows the exact time. An interesting detail is the embossed representation of a person who receives a letter from a pigeon, while using the phone. On the same side, the green building houses the headquarters of the Sibiu branch of the National Bank of Romania, the former headquarters of the Albina bank.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 In September 2007, a special event took place in Sibiu: The Third Great European Ecumenical Assembly, attended by over 2500 prelates from European churches and episcopal confessions.

🔍 Sebastian Hann (1644 - 1713) is considered the most famous goldsmith of the Romanian area. You can admire some of his cups in the Museum of the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Transylvania, hosted in the Teutsch House.

🔍 In the Reformed-Calvinist church, the liturgies are held in Hungarian, the Reformed being mainly ethnics of the Hungarian community in Sibiu. Since 2007, the church has an art gallery with temporary exhibitions.

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