6. The Grand Square - events

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Piața Mare, Sibiu, Romania


If, during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants gathered in the Grand Square to watch a public execution, today the townsfolk and their guests visit the city center to attend international concerts and fairs. It is the space of the people, of the time dedicated to social life, of the key moments in the history of the city. Here, all the EU heads of state walked to the meeting place during the 2019 Summit, here, the 2007 Sibiu European Cultural Capital began and ended.

The Grand Square comes to life with the arrival of spring and the Easter Fair in April. It keeps rolling on the rhythms of the Jazz Festival, in May. The last Saturday of May is reserved for the marathon. June turns the Grand Square into the huge stage of the International Theater Festival. A number of international sports competitions, such as the Cycling Tour or the Sibiu Rally, start here. In August, rock lovers meet in the Grand Square at the "Artmania" festival, while the classical music lovers attend the "Classics for pleasure". Those who prefer folk music can enjoy the International Folk Festival "Songs of the Mountains". September begins with the "Pottery Fair" and continues with the joy of "Cibinfest". The torch is handed over to the International Documentary Film Festival, "ASTRA Film" in October.
When the wind brings news of winter, the Christmas Fair is set in the heart of the city. Tens of thousands of city dwellers and guests celebrate the passing of the year together. A cycle ends when the Great Square is given back to pedestrians in all its splendor and tranquility, during the February – March period.

🤔 Did you know?

🔍 For 10 days, the “Sibiu International Theater Festival” turns the city into a huge playground. Artists from all over the world amaze the tens of thousands of spectators with their performances.

🔍 The “Sibiu Jazz Festival”, organized for the first time in 1977, is considered the longest-lived in the country.

🔍 The “Songs of the Mountains” is a folk music festival organized by the "Cindrelul - Junii Sibiului" ensemble, the first folk dance group in Romania, established in 1944.

🔍 Sibiu’ mayor, Johann Sachs von Harteneck, was beheaded in the Grand Square on December 5, 1703, due to conflicts of interest with the Habsburg Empire.

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