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Brukenthal von Studio: the contemporary art that you want to take home

Contemporary visual arts, generically integrated into postmodernism, are constantly looking for unconventional ways of expression and exhibition spaces, trying to move away from classical / conventional art such as the one that can be found in the exhibition halls of the museums.
Brukenthal von Studio group is proposing a return to the romantic atmosphere of the artist’s workshop, to the decorative art product, to the art piece that can be taken home, collected, transmitted from generation to generation.
Although seemingly an easy way, a modern approach to the classical patterns requires, on the one hand, knowledge of art history, use of materials and techniques designed to withstand tens, even hundreds of years, an insight vision into the concept of art and its representations as comprised by the collective unconscious. On the other hand, the demand for integration requires knowledge of contemporary trends and the identification of that particular niche where traditional standing, the experimental and the innovation could coexist.

Restorers, conservators, heritage curators
The members of the Brukenthal von Studio group are museum people: restorers, conservators and heritage curators inside the Brukenthal National Museum and also painters, photographers, sculptors and exhibition curators.
Pastime artists? Yes, but on a fulltime creative activity and holding a special legitimacy – the direct knowledge of art value in today’s world heritage and its importance along centuries. Although the artist's attitude towards creation can undergo dramatic changes, possibly shocking at times, the general public’s attitude towards the art product evolves according to longtime social, cultural and educational coordinated systems. Public perception selects, contextualizes and, not in the least, harmonizes or deletes radical manifestations. Brukenthal von Studio offers you the middle way, but not as a convenient option. The purpose of the group is to revive the desire for art, to attract the visiting public from the contemplative area of the museum exhibition into the interactive area where the art piece on display can be taken home.

A Brukenthal art workshop
In 1790, when Samuel von Brukenthal opened his private collection of paintings to visitors, among the collected works there were also creations of contemporary artists, some of them closed to the Baron. Thus, a new attitude towards art in Sibiu was promoted.
In the 19th century, there was a studio in the Brukenthal Museum, where the works of the masters in the collection were studied by contemporary artists of the time.
This is the tradition that the group inherits, promotes today and wishes to pass on. Naturally established in the team structure that forms at work, the group is open for collaboration and dialogue to all who share a classic vision on contemporary art and its place beside each of us.

Adrian LUCA
Andrei POPA
Cătălin PRECUP

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