ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum

ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum


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Muzeul Civilizației Translivane ASTRA, str. Pădurea Dumbrava, nr. 16


The ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum, founded in 1993, is the treasurer of the patrimony values inherited from the “Society” Museum (founded in 1905, by the Transylvanian Society for the Culture and Literature of the Romanian People and dissolved, according to a communistic dictate, in 1950).

The museum has a patrimony of 9.002 items registered under the emblem “A”, divided into six collections: 6.523 embroideries, 1.025 costume-textiles, 567 objects of worship, 539 wood, bone, iron, 330 ceramic and 18 dolls.

The collections increased, in the final half of the century, having today 30.138 items, of which: 8.740 costume-textiles, 9.884 embroideries, 3.960 ceramic, 4.147 objects of worship, 3.407 wood, bone, iron.

Over the years, these patrimony values were presented at various exhibitions organized in the country and abroad, until the closing of the folk art Exhibition of Brukenthal Palace, in 1990.

ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum is imagined as a multi-ethnic and interdisciplinary museum and its purpose is to define the multicultural aspect of a European region with a multi-secular pluri-ethnical cohabitation, as well as the emphasis of these European community and ethnic particular values.

ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum initiated and applied the modern concept of „museum vivum”, with the purpose of saving, preserving and capitalizing the folk culture.

Thus, under the phrase Live Human Treasures, the museum organizes the Fair of Folk Creators of Romania, the National Olympics „Traditional artistic crafts”, the National Festival of Traditions, the National Festival of Folk Heritage and Customs, the National Toys Fair, the Potters Fair (in collaboration with the National Centre for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Cultures) etc.

At the same time, ASTRA Transylvanian Civilization Museum organizes temporary exhibitions in the halls of „Hermes House” and „House of Arts”.

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