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 Museum of Contemporary Art is housed by a building of architectural and historical significance; dated in 1901, the building accommodated varied cultural institutions, step-by-step re-defining itself today as a section entirely dedicated to contemporary art.
 Museum of Contemporary Art holds an important position in the area of promotional activities of contemporary Romanian art, representing a strong alternative to the unique trend set up by the National Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest, being public oriented and envisaging a highly free and innovative selection of works.
 Starting with 2014, to the ground floor space (for temporary exhibitions) a visiting storage was added at the 1st and 2nd floor of the building.
 The visiting storage promotes a concept less known in Romania. The pieces of contemporary art are presented in a manner that combines the storage specifics (especially for the oil paintings) and a free display approach. 
At the conclusion of the arrangement works, there were 34 large pieces to be seen in the access halls – sculpture in bronze, wood and stone; 205 paintings, 15 tapestries and 95 tridimensional works at the 1st floor. 
The room at the 2nd floor gives a perspective view to the visitor over the main storage through the means of a glass wall. 

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