Winter in Sibiu. Individual experiences

When you travel alone, you can perceive the destination with all senses more sharply and the atmosphere of a place remains deeper in your memory, becoming automatic and an exercise of introspection.


A glass of talk

Even unaccompanied, in Sibiu there is no way to feel alone with so many activities and nice people. You can start with a glass of talk in places where socialization and local knowledge is part of the menu.

📸 Sibio

Sibio St. Andrews Scottish Pub Rennes Caffee, Victoriei 29 Rennes Caffee, Victoriei 42

Treat time

Travel can be very tiring, and fatigue becomes the perfect motivation for scheduling a treat session. Leave yourself in skilled hands and test the latest wellness technologies or relax in the most attractive spas in the city.
📸 @HotelHiltonSibiu

Hilton The SPA Jad SPA & massage Hohe Rinne SPA

Mini-Tour in the old center

Explore the largest old centre in Romania alongside professional guides in a guided mini-tour. You have one hour and a half to learn more about the buildings in the large square, the story of the pedestrian Nicolae Bălcescu or the most beautiful street in Sibiu, The Citadel Street.
📸 @sibiureisen

Mini-Tour in the old center Travel guides

Sibiu between clouds

It's time for a thrilling experience to remember all your life! What about the Sibiu County landscape from intoxicating Heights on a recreational flight with an ultra-lightweight airplane?
📸 @AeroclubulSibiu

"Hermann Oberth" Aeroclub, Sibiu

With the thought of your loved ones

Devote time to searching for local hidden treasures. In the souvenir shops you will greet smiley faces and find the ideal gift for all your loved ones at home. You can choose between edible souvenirs, painted objects, ceramics, clothes and more:
📸 @ASTRAMuseum

ASTRA Folk Art Galleries - Open air museum ASTRA Galleries Transylvanian Flowers Gossip Tree

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