Ten Must-Try Restaurants in Sibiu

Ten Must-Try Restaurants in Sibiu

In terms of food, in Sibiu, both locals and guests can indulge. Perhaps also due to the 2019 European Region of Gastronomy programme, many restaurants in the city have started using local ingredients more and more.
My name is Oana, I am a City Editor at Sibiu City App, and since all my friends who come to Sibiu ask where to enjoy an extra good meal, I’ve made a list of the city’s ten most popular restaurants.

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The Original Max.

Gilu, the head chef, told us that their ‘most authentic dish is beef ribs with spinach, red beet, baked potatoes and red wine reduction, made with authentic local products’. From their point of view, this combination of ingredients and textures makes for a special taste that genuinely represents local flavour.
See our page about Max. The Original.

Consommé Bistro

Having a seasonal menu, Consommé Bistro always surprises their guests with local produce-based original recipes (that are more or less known). During the summer, order the insane strawberry gazpacho and enjoy it on their shadowy terrace on the corner of the ASTRA park. In any other season, try their barbecue sauce pork ribs and red cabbage and carrot coleslaw.
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When you’re in the very heart of the city, I mean in the Small Square, I recommend a Romanian restaurant with an international twist. They say that most of the ingredients they use are from the region, fresh, and seasonal. My favourite dishes in their menu are the boiled cheese dumplings, the baked apples, and the homemade bread.

Visit our page about Kulinarium.


If you’re with your family or a bigger group of people and feel like having German food, Hermania is the ideal choice. The restaurant sources their produce from their own farm and trout farm, so you have to try the ALBOTA trout fillet in corn flakes. Before you leave the restaurant, you can even buy goodies from their grocery shop.
Bonus: the restaurant is located inside the former Sibiu Philharmonics historical building and includes a cool, secluded terrace.
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La Cuptor

From traditional to sophisticated, they boast a broad range of dishes – appetizing, fresh out of the... oven, as the Romanian name of the place suggests. You’ll be impressed by their attention to details, not only when preparing, but also when serving the meals. The menu gets an update every season, as their chefs choose the freshest ingredients.
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Restaurant Pasaj

The team of Pasaj Restaurant aim to revive the taste of Romanian food by using local ingredients. And with their wild garlic chips, locally sourced beef fillet roast, Mangalitsa, hay-baked potatoes, and the famous Pavlova, I think they’ve succeeded. Sitting at their comfy terrace located where the upper town meets the lower town, you can relax by watching the people going up or down the stair passageway.
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Benjamin Steakhouse

Do you feel like having hamburgers or beef steak? I recommend Benjamin’s. Although they also have the legendary Black Angus on the menu and fresh herb flavoured steaks, I love their barbeque ribs and the extra-large hamburgers. In terms of ambiance, they call it American, while I think it’s warm and family-friendly. They even have a playroom for children.
See our page about Benjamin Steakhouse.

Kombinat Gastro-Brewery

Locally grown chicken with spinach cream, bread and Horezu hard cheese crumble, grilled marinated cauliflower – The Kombinat Gastro-Brewery menu is music to food-lover ears. From chorbas to wonderful craft beers, here you can enjoy an extraordinary meal in an elegant, steampunk style ambiance.
See our page about Kombinat Gastro-Brewery.

Lumos coffee and brunch

After having your taste buds dazzled by their delicious dishes, try some of their refreshing cocktails. And if you’ve still got some time, savour a cup of specialty coffee on this café’s small terrace while watching the bustle and bustle in the Big Square. My favourite is their house specialty, Lumos coffee sweetened with homemade cardamom syrup, cooled with a few ice cubes, and seasoned with fresh rosemary.
See our page about Lumos Coffee and Brunch.


Their stylish mains have to be followed by desert and, if possible, a glass of wine of their special collection. You must not miss their Thursday evening #WinePairing event at the corner of Schiller Square! Even the building has a story: in the 18th century, Martin Hochmeister lived in this house, the local who, having some money at the lottery, bought a printing press and opened the town’s first library; he’s also the one who turned the Thick Tower into a theatre.
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