Gunsmiths Tower


Turnul Archebuzierilor, Strada Cetății, Sibiu, România


The Gunsmiths Tower, later called the Drapers (Wavers) Tower, is the Southernmost of the three defensive towers built on Cetăţii Street. It is dating since the 14th century and is part of the third fortification belt of Sibiu. Its name comes from the ramparts shaped like keyholes on the first level of the tower, which allowed the passage of harquebuses.

The Gunsmiths Tower is made of stone (up to approximately 1 m high) and of brick (from approximately 1 m to the top). It is shaped like an orthogonal prism. Five of its sides are located on the outside of the fortified precincts. The superior side of the tower is protuberant and it leans, as well as the majority of Sibiu’s towers, on consoles with connection arches provided with dropping holes.

On the inside, the tower had two patrol paths used as manoeuvre area and deployment location of the soldiers during defence battles.

It is considered that the current tower resulted from the transformation and super-elevation of an older one.

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