Kleines Hotel


Piața Albert Huet 3, Sibiu 550182, Romania


Surrounded by the medieval defense walls of Sibiu City, our boutique hotel is a sublime fusion of old and new.

600 years of history veil our 4 deluxe rooms, upgraded with the latest technology. Each room is equipped with our signature Super King Size beds with geometric wood structure and LED lighting, Wireless charging nightstands, Bluetooth Speakers, 55 inch Smart TVs, free Netflix streaming, vanity mirrors, and other facilities.

Once you enter a room, it becomes yours. Express yourself. Adjust the lights, play your music, open the windows and feel the medieval charm and picturesque decor that surrounds you. While gazing out of the window, you can admire the famous Passage of the Stairs, The Stairs Tower, as well as the remains of the oldest defense tower of Sibiu Medieval Citadel.

The view

Our rooms

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