Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day 2020


Sibiu, Romania

Valentine's Day divides us into two camps, both harmless to each other. On the one hand, we have incurable romantics who enjoy a new opportunity to make pompous statements, generous gifts, or unique surprises. On the other hand, we have skeptics who say that you don’t need a special day to express your love, and that we adopt a consumerist habit just because... others do.

No matter what side you are on, or if (happy you!) any of these options leave you indifferent, what we all have in common is that we like to spend our free time with the people we love. Therefore, we cannot miss the chance to give you some suggestions to spend a romantic evening in (still) sleepy Sibiu, and you could take this opportunity to get your loved one out in the city, whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not.

Have fun!

1 - Go to the symphonic or jazz concert at the PHILHARMONIC CARNIVAL

This year, for the first time, the Sibiu State Philharmonic invites us to the Carnival! Although the event was used since Antiquity to mark the beginning of spring, you could turn it into a pretext for a romantic outing. On Thursdays and Fridays, you could go to the symphonic concert, and if your tastes are less into classical music, there is a jazz concert on Saturday, with Luiza Zan and Jazzpar Trio, in the Chimnița Filarmonicii. The mask is optional, but it would make things much more interesting! :)


2 - Have dinner reenacting the tradition of the MARITAL PRISON, at the Local

Have you heard about the legend of the Marital Prison at the Fortified Church in Biertan? According to the legend, the spouses whose marriages were not working anymore were brought there, imprisoned for up to six weeks by the local priest, in the hope that they would solve their problems and thus, avoid divorce. They only had a food plate for both of them, one cup for water, and a small room so they could not avoid each other.
Two of the most famous local chefs, Chef Aurelian Dragomir and Chef Daniel Joa, propose a reinterpretation of this tradition. Dinner will consist of three dishes and a surprise, and the food will be served on a single plate. Local events are rare and sought after, so we recommend booking early!

Details about the event:

3 - Dance to the right music with VINYL, RUM, TAPAS & WINE at Mango Bar

If you go out in the city with your significant half, the right music is very important. What are we saying - the music is always important :) Therefore, we suggest that you play it safe, and whatever you choose for the first part of the evening, at the end you should retreat at the Mango Bar party, where you will find the famous Dj's from Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine. The Friday Night residents are Bully & Alt Om, and their jazz/funk/soul/rock'n'roll mixes will be exactly what it takes to make the party a success.

Details about the event:

4 - Go to the theater! "STEAUA FĂRĂ NUME", directed by Florin Coșuleț, plays at the Radu Stanca Theater.

A simple, but deeply human story. After a writing by Mihail Sebastian, the play directed by Florin Coșuleț tells the story of a railway station, a romantic place, of luggage and long glances, of platforms drenched in tears, of coming and going, of waiting, but also of separation. Of short breaths, of human humming in all its splendor. A reason to remember our soul, to remember love, since it's Valentine's Day!

Details about the event:

5 - Get a bottle of good wine and stay home!

If you are still not tempted by any of the events happening in the city, choose the safest way: make this Friday night an event and try a good wine, maybe something you haven't tried before. At any of the three shops we propose, you will find friendly people, ready to advise and help you choose something to your taste.
We wish you a perfect Valentine's Day evening!

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