Outer guard wall


Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, Sibiu, Romania


Corneliu Coposu Avenue is entirely located in the ditch of the South-Eastern side of the 3rd precincts. On the right side of the avenue, coming from Andrei Şaguna Street (DN1), there is a part of the guard wall, on the left side there is a relatively intact Vauban fortification, with the Cisnădiei Gate Bastion, the Thick Tower and the Haller Bastion. The wall is crossed by several modern passages for the facilitation of pedestrian traffic.

It is worth mentioning the so called „Plaque Hole” at the end of Ghe. Lazăr Street, flanked by two massive pilasters from the end of the 19th century, used in the precincts wall to facilitate the evacuation of bodies during the plague epidemic of the 16th century, to enable access to the city cemetery.
Behind the Vauban fortification you can see the upper side of the three towers on Cetăţii Street, preserved intact from the walls of the 3rd original precincts’ fortification.

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