Exhibition: Colors of nature

Exhibition: Colors of nature


Str. Cetăţii, Nr. 1, Sibiu

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Exhibition: Colors of nature
Duration: 31 August 2023 – 31 March 2024
Location: Museum of Natural History, Multimedia room (1 Cetății Street)
Curator: Dr. Nicolae Trif
Collaborators: Ana-Maria Păpureanu, Dr. Ghizela Vonica, Silviu Țicu, Maria Stănciugelu, Raluca Bugneriu.

Text: Nicolae Trif
The chromatics of the environment is gathered in one place in the temporary exhibition "Colors of nature". The exibition is a source of information on the polychrome range offered by the heritage of the Museum of Natural History in Sibiu. The exhibition addresses multiple perspectives on nature, chemistry and physics across the entirety of the visible color spectrum. The visitors have the opportunity to admire and compare different shades of color formed as natural phenomena.
The eyes, regardless of species, do not actually perceive color, they only perceive light. Humans, for example, perceive wavelengths from 380 (violet) to 740 (red) nanometers. The light stimulates the photosensitive cells, and then the brain takes over and processes the information. The color is rather produced as an effect of when an object reflects certain wavelengths of visible light and absorbs the rest. Some living things, like the bees, for example, perceive other wavelengths and therefore objects, flowers and everything else is different for them. White is yellow, blue is green and yellow is red.
Just as humans give social meanings to colors, in nature they can also carry various meanings such as danger, age, sex, dominance, food or toxicity.
The curator and his collaborators have prepared an exhibition with varied specimens, starting from mineral pigments to mineral-organic structures, the glitter of rare butterfly wings, plants, the iridescence of exotic birds and the chromatic aberrations of albino specimens of vertebrates.
The exhibited specimens come from the Mineralogy, Botany, Entomology, Mammals, Reptiles, Malacology and Ornithology collections.