Explorer in the museum

Dates and Hours:

Str. Cetăţii, Nr. 1, Sibiu


 Exhibition: Explorer in the museum
 Location: Natural History Museum Sibiu, Multimedia Room, Cetății Street, no. 1 
 Duration: October 2020 – April 2021
 Curators: Dr. Ghizela Vonica, Ana-Maria Păpureanu, Dr. Nicolae Trif, Iulia-Maria Muntean

 Text offered by the exhibition curators:
 The temporary exhibition Explorer in the Museum completes the school curricular areas and fulfils the general exhibition of the museum, respectively the section dedicated to biodiversity of Romania. Through the exhibits, grouped according to their habitat, visitors will discover the variety of natural ecosystems in Romania. The diversity of habitats in Romania is unique in the world, comprising terrestrial, underground and aquatic ecosystems with a biodiversity still well preserved. This richness of species is due to the interference, on the territory of Romania, of five types of biogeographical regions. Only in this temporary exhibition you will be able to admire, in one place, plants and animals endemic to Romania, the unique fauna of the Black Sea and fossils that reconstruct past habitats from Romania.
 The specimens exhibited are part of the Transylvanian Society for Natural Sciences in Sibiu (Siebenbürgischer Verein für Naturwissenschaften in Hermannstadt), collections, the society that in 1895, 125 years ago, inaugurated the Museum of Natural History in Sibiu.