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Exhibition: Inter-County Visual Arts Salon of the UAP Sibiu 2021 Branch
 Event organized within the Sibiu International Theater Festival 2021
 Artists from the UAP Sibiu, Suceava, Deva, Bucharest Branches on display
 Organizers: UAPR Sibiu Branch, Brukenthal National Museum, Radu Stanca National Theatre
 Coordinators: Ioan Tămâian, president of UAP Sibiu and Sabin Adrian Luca PhD, Manager of the Brukenthal National Museum
 Venue: UAP Sibiu Gallery, 12, Large Square
 Brukenthal National Museum, Temporary Exhibition Hall in the Second Courtyard, 4, Large Square
 Duration: UAP Sibiu Gallery: 12.08.-14.09.2021
 Brukenthal National Museum: 12.08.-26.09.2021
 Opening: August 12, 1 p.m., at the UAP Sibiu Gallery, 12, Large Square
 Curator: Iulia Mesea PhD

The Sibiu branch of the UAPR joins the call of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2021, "Building hope together", organizing, within the Festival, in collaboration with the Brukenthal National Museum, the Inter-County Visual Arts Salon of the UAP Sibiu 2021 Branch.
The event is also connected to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803), an exceptional personality of Central European cultural and political life, whose "cultural model" marked the spiritual profile of this space over centuries. One of the baron's contributions was the support of the work of local artists who were his contemporaries. Thanks to him, the artistic education in Sibiu has had strength and continuity during the following centuries, influencing, over time, what we are today. The main theme of the exhibition was thus suggested, the exhibition being dedicated to the hope for a bright and secure future, based on the solid roots of tradition. We will celebrate the cultural work of Baron Brukenthal, and the spirit of the Enlightenment that promoted and urged the "joy of living the moment" under the sign of Knowledge and Beauty.
The tradition of the past years, to invite artists from other branches, continues, this time the invitation was addressed to the UAP Branches from Suceava, Deva and Bucharest. 
Through works of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art, Radu Aftenie, Călin Baciu, Ioan Cândea, Anca-Diana Giura, Mirela Maier-Miclăuș, Ștefan Orth, Ileana Selbing, Olimpia Coman-Sipeanu relate to the figure of the governor of Transylvania and his governmental residence, the baroque Palace in Piața Mare. Daniela-Maria Bădilă, Andrea Bernath-Doncuțiu, Vadim Creţu, Eugen Dornescu, Cristina Fău, Antonela Giurgiu, Doina Reghiș-Ionescu, Andrei Popa, Ion Tămâian, through specific motifs, themes or forms, through a mysterious atmosphere, through dense and dynamic compositions and / or brilliant elegance, giving a special part to the decorative, connect the present to the spectacular art of the baroque epoch. Sorin Dumitru Baciu, Ovidiu Buzec, Marius David, Oana Ruxandra Hrișcă, Constantin Ilea, Neculai Moroșan, Ioan Muntean, Crina Oprean, Raluca Oros, John Pârva, Cătălin Precup, Lucia Pușcașu, Ana-Maria Rugescu, Camelia Rusu-Sadovei, Cristina Simu, Dumitru-Florian Toma, Florin Viorel bring to the exhibition, most varied techniques and languages, proving a special appetite for experiment, exploring the world / existence or delving into self-analysis, challenging us to similar gestures.
Through the works exhibited in the UAP Gallery and in the Brukenthal National Museum, the artists affirm the hope that we will be able to fulfill our projects, that we can live and create in light, harmony and joy. An exhibition with suggestions of the Baroque, which celebrates the present, seen through the perspective of the cultural history of these places, a mirror of what we are today, shaped by great forerunners.