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Strada Pădurea Dumbrava 16-20, Sibiu 100302, Romania


Homestead with reinforced enclosure
Măgura, Brașov County

This exhibit comes from the ancient Romanian territory of Bran, inhabited by a hard-working population of shepherds and cattle-raisers. It was transferred to the Museum în 1972.
The homestead dates from 1844, as is ahown by an inscription on a beam of the house, and it is a prime example of the most interesting and developed phase of Romanian pastoral architecture.

As a rule, homesteads with reinforced enclosure have four sides, but there are also units with six, nine or even twelve sides.
Its main parts are: the house proper (porch, small room, large room, pantry) two stables for the live-stock and boiling room with cellar under it. Al these are placed within the enclosure and there is a sheep-pen outside the enclosure.
Its dimensions, as well as the marked slope of the roof give the building an air of monumentality.

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