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Strada Pădurea Dumbrava 16-20, Sibiu 100302, Romania


Small windmill with tone-socle
Enisala, Tulcea county, region of Dobrogea

This exhibit comes from the Village of Enisala, region of Dobrogea, where it worked until 1964. It was rebuilt in the Museum in 1966. It is of the port-mill type, where the entire house of the mill is turned windward. Is a small, square, wooden structure with an oak-beam frame - it is boarded up with fir-planks and it has a roof in two slopes, also covered with planks.
It has a single room which houses a single grinding installation.
The necessity of raising the sail as high as possible, brought about the building of a circular stone-socle, narrower than the building of the mill. It has a polygonal oak-frame, on which the mill-house can slide to turn windward.
The sail of the mill is made up of four vanes, fastened to solid whips that go trough the outer end of the so called „val”, the driving shaft of the mill.

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