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Exhibition: Petri&Friends
Artists: Eugen Petri (Romania), Ahmad Solimani (Iran), Andre Naegelen (France), Cenrique Valdez (Argentina), Ciprian Hopirtean (Greece-Romania), Emiliano Rodrigo Sacco (Argentina), Giorgie Cpajak (Serbia), Jasem Shuman (Palestine), Javier Astorga (Mexico), Jiang Chu (China), Kamen Tanev (Bulgaria), Klaus Hunsiker (Germany), Maxim Dumitraș (Romania), Mihai Docea (Romania), Niu Herisanu (Romania), Petre Virgiliu Mogoșanu (Romania), Samia Monsef (Egypt), Sergei Oleshko (Ukraine), Thierry Ferreira (Portugal), Biao Wang (Taiwan), Nicolae Răzvan Mincu (Romania)
Location: Brukenthal Palace, 4 Piața Mare, Temporary Exhibition Hall, second courtyard
Opening: Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 4:00 p.m.
Curator: Mihai Iancovescu-Rudeanu
Presents: Alexandru Constantin Chituță PhD, interim manager Brukenthal National Museum
Duration: October 18-December 3, 2022
Text by Florin Toma:
If you look at his stature carefully, the sculptor Eugen Petri seems to want to reinforce an opinion that I have made public, an opinion that was based on some concomitant realities and that was not crowned with the status of axiom. Instead, it has received a good deal of admonition, and has been listed under the heading 'fantasies and extravagances'. Our character today is a reddish-blond, richly bearded, huge-handed zdrahon with a bulging bundle of muscles that make his unusual white shirt with folk stitching look small. Everything about him exudes strength and manliness. It's the image - which I dared to explain once before - that strikes me as typical of a stonemason. Because all my friends who are stone carvers and sculptors (marble, granite, andesite, basalt, etc.) are, with a few exceptions, solid, strong, vigorous.
Eugen Petri is, at the age of sixty, a representative example of the stone carver, one who has to his credit dozens of gigantic works, but, mind you, one who is also a sensitive miniaturist, with visions that either cunningly exploit light or attack the dynamic depths of absolutely spectacular angles of vision.