The Statue of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal: exhibition of projects

Dates and Hours:

Piaţa Mare, Nr. 5, Sibiu, România


The Statue of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal: exhibition of projects
 Location: Multimedia Hall, Blue House
 Duration: 3 – 29.03.2021
 Organized by: Brukenthal National Museum (Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituță, Bogdan Runcan, Dr. Delia Voina)
 Partners: Boromir, Rotary Club, Lions Club Brukenthal
 Project included in the "3 centuries Brukenthal" program

 Text provided by the organizers:
 At the beginning of 2021, in which we celebrate three centuries since the birth of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the project competition was opened for the creation of a statue, dedicated to the museum's founder, to be placed in the Grand Square of Sibiu, near Brukenthal Palace.
 The desideratum is not new; since 2015, throughout the preparatory period for the celebration of the Brukenthal Bicentennial 2017 (200 years since the public opening of Brukenthal Museum), our institution has repeatedly discussed the possibility of such a project.
 This year, the Boromir Commercial Company, together with the Rotary Club Sibiu, opened the way to the concretization of the monument, announcing their availability for the financial support of its realization.
 For the bronze statue, representing Samuel von Brukenthal in the ceremonial attire of the Order of "St. Stephen" (after the portrait of JG Weikert, dated 1792, the brand image of the museum) were submitted 22 projects, made by artists from Romania and abroad.
 On March 1, 2021, the jury, consisting of: Ec. Cosmin Mihai Iuga, President of the Rotary Club Sibiu, Prof. Ioan Aurel Pop, historian, President of the Romanian Academy, Prof. Ioan Sbârciu, artist, University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca, Prof.habil. Sorin Radu, historian, Rector of Lucian Blaga University, Astrid Cora Fodor, Mayor of Sibiu, Dr. Paul Jürgen Porr, President of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, Prof. univ. dr. Sabin Adrian Luca, archaeologist, Manager of the Brukenthal National Museum, Ioan Muntean, artist and restorer at the Brukenthal National Museum, Arch. Laura Sabina Dragomir, Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituță, cultural goods expert, Head of Section at the Brukenthal National Museum, Dr. Răzvan Pop, historian, Prof. Giusseppe Bothar, member of the Rotary Club, Sibiu, Ionuț Modrescu, member of the Rotary Club, Sibiu and alternate member: Dr. Ilie Mitrea, artist and restorer at the Brukenthal National Museum, voted for the winning project. 
 It belongs to the sculptor Arpad Deak.
 Thanking all the artists, who made special efforts in creating valuable projects from an artistic and technical point of view, we consider joining the 22 projects in an exhibition not only a recognition of their value but also an emphasis on the creative act as first step in celebrating the personality of Samuel von Brukenthal.
 We invite you, therefore, to visit an event exhibition, rarely found not only in the agenda of museums but also in cultural life in general.

Ticket price: adults 12 lei, retired persons 6 lei